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1209, 2019

all electric injection molding machine advantage

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what's the advantage of all electric injection molding machine compared to hydraulic injection molding machine? Energy-saving Since the servo motor directly drive according to the required force of each actuator, not only the efficiency is improved, but also the energy [...]

409, 2019

two platen injection molding machine and three platen machine

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Right now, two platen injection molding machine is more and more popular in the market (for example, Haitian two platen injection machine) ,especially for the production of big Auto parts, big dustbin and other product which need big mold open [...]

1408, 2019

Lubricant oil and hydraulic oil of injection machine

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Selection of hydraulic oil and lubricaiton oil The following lubricant oil and hydraulic oil are recommended for using of injection molding machine Description   Specification   ·   Remarks   Lubricant oil       Viscidity of hydraulic oil: 68CST/40℃ Mobil [...]

2606, 2019

problem and solution about PET injection molding

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What's PET? PET is a polyester,which is an abreviation of PolyethyleneTerephthalate. PET material is usuallly used for injection molding for plastic bottle preform,such as mineral water bottle,coca-cola bottle,juice bottle,etc. Characteristics of PET raw materials  Excellent transparency of over 90%, excellent [...]

605, 2019

injection molding parameter for ABS product

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What's ABS material? ABS is an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer, which is an amorphous polymer and has many varieties. The ABS material has good thermal stability and medium melt viscosity. ABS molded products have high surface hardness, stable dimensional structure, toughness and [...]