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how to set low-pressure mold protection for injection molding machine

The meaning of injection mold protection: it is artificially set during the production process to protect the mold and prevent the mold from being damaged due to congenital causes and [...]

February 1st, 2021|Categories: injection molding knowledge|

all electric injection molding machine advantage

what's the advantage of all electric injection molding machine compared to hydraulic injection molding machine? Energy-saving Since the servo motor directly drive according to the required force of each actuator, [...]

glass fiber reinforced plastic

What's glass fiber reinforced plastic? Glass fiber reinforced plastic is based on the original pure plastic, adding glass fiber and other additives to improve the use of the material. In [...]

advantage of different injection speed

Injection speed is an important factor of the injection technology in the production.Different product require different injection speed. different injection speed has different influence on the final product. Characteristic and [...]

injection molding machine check ring

What's check ring? Check ring is an important part on the front of screw of injection molding machine. It has important function while the injection machine doing charge and injection. [...]

charge and back pressure

What's charge? Charge is one of the important movment of the injection molding machine. It is for feeding in the new plastic material and plasticizing it.  Suitable back pressure for [...]

injection moulding machine working process

Introduciton of injection moulding machine working process and principle injection molding machine is one of the most important plastic processing machinery.It can seperated into two types of machines, horizontal and [...]