Automation Robot

Injection Molding Automation Robot Arm Sprue Picker

injection molding automation robot arm is a compact design cylinder cushion arm with multiprogramming operating system. It’s designed for the picking of small items and sprue in the injection molding automation system.

Single Axis Servo Robot Arm

Single Axis servo robot arm is designed for the products & runner picking for injection molding machine up to 320T. The telescopic arm design will allow it to be installed in a shorter workshop. Double robot arm is optional.

Two Axial Servo Robot Arm

High speed two axial servo injection molding automation robot arm

an economic high speed two axial servo robot in injection molding automation system. With robot arm and traverse driven by AC servo robot, It will finish the task of picking and stacking in an injection automation system easily. As an economic robot arm, it’s widely used in two plates, three plates or hot runner injection molding system.

 3Axial Servo Injection Molding Robot Arm

High Speed 3 axial servo injection molding automation robot arm

a high speed 3 axial servo injection moding automation robot arm best for the picking and stacking of thin wall containers. It has the advantages of high speed, stable, long life and precise.

High Speed in Mold Labeling System

High Speed in Mold Labeling System for Small Container, kinds of plastic bucket, food containers, ice cream box, etc

it is a high speed in mold labeling system designed and produced by switek with new control system and optimized structure. The new IML system has a much shorter in mold time and have better productivity. Best for the production of small and medium size beverage container.