Air blasting setting of injection machine

Sometimes, air blasting is very important to the production of the injection molding machine.

Path to enter the air blasting setting screen

Path- Main screen -F5 EJET – F3 BLST

air blasting setting -2

Blast :

The machine provide fixed-blowing activities template (optional), which included A, B, C, D, E, F group blasting to control the position of the action point, timing delay of the blasting time. If the ejection is done, mold close will only be activated after the blasting is completed.

Ejector function settings

Path – screen – F5 EJET –  F4 FUNC

air blasting setting -2

On above setting screen, you can active the control of other groups of air blasting of the injection molding machine.


In order to operate with the automatic production of the production department, therefore robot is used to replace the workers to extract the injection products. Therefore after every completion of open mold the robot will automatically extract the products. Besides, in order to protect the mold platen and the robot the computer of our company will ensure that the robot has returned to its position in reserve before the close mold then close mold will be activate.

Automatic power door:

If there is an installment of pneumatic or oil pressure power door, selection of this function should be set if not the power door key on the operating panel will be insufficient.

air blasting setting -3