Automatic barrel clean-up settings 

below is the path to enter the automatic barrel cleaning-up setting screen of daya injection molding machine.

Path– screen –F4 charge –F3 cleaning

barrel cleaning set screen

Cleaning frequency:

According to the actual demand to setup the cleaning frequency, the maximum setup is 99 times.

Notice :

When the machine is activating the production normally, if the screw last position is too big (current location) after the product is completed. When the operator is willing to correct the value, changing of the corresponding data is according to the charging and injection. However this function could simplify the operation if only to insert the final position of the injection at the correction column and select use at the “remain storage corrections” column to complete the auto correction of all the charging injection position.


According to the actual demand to setup the cleaning time.


Below is the button on the operation panel for automatic barrel cleaning-up.

automatic barrel cleaning button