Ejector setting of the injection molding machine

below is the path to enter the setting screen of daya injection molding machine

Path- Main screen – F5 EJET – F2 EJET

ejector setting

Ejector settings

The initial ejection is divided into two phases that can be controlled separately. You can set pressure, speed and activation position individually for each phase. If you require additional cooling of the mold product after mold opening set the delay time for ejection activation accordingly.

Ejector mode :Ejector mode consists of 3 different kind of options ;


Use this function when ejection stop, uniformly used under semi auto mode of injection molding machine, automatic mode is not available, the thimble will push then stop to await for the extraction of the production.

the thimble will only move backward after the power door is closed . After the thimble movement then the close mold will activate

Frequency :

The ejection frequency is count according to the setup value of the eject frequency.

Vibration :

It is the ejector vibration, the thimble will rely on the frequency set and will activate a short term high speed backward and forward ejection when the forward ejector reach the end which will cause a vibration and a fall off of the production(the vibration time please refer to the ejector column)

Eject Count (Ejection Count):

The number of times the eject will be activated. Setting this value to “0” will deactivate the eject.


Set here the end position for eject retraction between repeated activation (in case of multiple ejector activation). Please note this position is relative to the absolute retraction end position that is used after final ejector activation and determined by the transducer zero point setting.