Factors affecting the production of injection molding machine with robot

Nowadays, many mechanical equipment manufacturers choose to use injection molding robots as the main production method. The use of automated robots in production can improve the production efficiency and product quality of products, and reduce the production cost of products, but whether the robot can work accurately in production. In fact, it is a three-dimensional space positioning problem, which is a combination of several line quantity and angular quantity positioning. Only by reducing the error of these combinations can the injection molding machine robot operate normally, then the factors affecting the single line quantity or angular quantity positioning error What are you?

  • Positioning method and speed

Different positioning methods have different effects. When the mechanical stop is positioned, the positioning accuracy is related to the stiffness of the stop and the speed at which the stop is touched. The positioning speed has a great influence on the positioning accuracy because the energy of the moving parts consumed is different when the positioning speed is different. Generally, in order to reduce the positioning error, we should reasonably control the positioning speed, such as improving the buffering performance and buffering efficiency of the buffer device, and controlling the driving system to make the moving parts decelerate in time.

  • Precision and stiffness

The manufacturing precision of the manipulator and the accuracy of the installation speed control have a direct influence on the positioning accuracy. When the structural rigidity and the contact stiffness of the manipulator are low, the positioning accuracy is generally low due to the easy vibration. The position control accuracy of switch control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and servo control are different. This is not only because of the different precision and sensitivity of the various control elements, but also with the position feedback device.

  • Moving parts weight and drive source

The weight of the moving part includes the weight of the robot itself and the weight of the object to be grasped. The change in the weight of the moving parts has a great influence on the positioning accuracy. Generally, when the weight of the moving member is increased, the positioning accuracy is lowered. Therefore, it is not only necessary to reduce the weight of the moving parts themselves, but also to consider the influence of the change in the weight during work. Hydraulic and pneumatic pressure fluctuations and voltage, oil temperature, and temperature fluctuations all affect the repeatability of the robot. Therefore, the necessary voltage regulation and oil temperature adjustment measures are adopted, such as using an accumulator to stabilize the oil pressure, using a heater or a cooler to control the oil temperature, and at a low speed, using a temperature and pressure compensation flow control valve to control.