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shall i choose servo motor injection molding machine or not servo?2019-01-08T09:03:27+08:00

Generally, the servo motor injection molding machine is the 1st choice and the trend of the future. because it has high precision and low noise, and can save much electricity compared to normal machine. However, if the electric supply in your place is not stable, high voltage fluctuation or frequent electric cut-off, it will easily damage the machine, especailly the servo driver.  at that time, we will advice you to choose the standard fixed pump injection molding machine, not servo one.

What language does your injection molding machine support?2019-01-08T07:26:25+08:00

the controller of the injection molding machine support multilanguage, such as English,Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French,Arabic,etc.

oil pump sound too big after period production2018-11-09T05:01:56+08:00

question: oil pump sound too big after period production

daya machinery:  possible reason as below:

  1. filter net has dirty.   solution: clean filter and change the hydraulic oil.
  2. quality of sutionoil pipe is poor.  solution: check and change the suction oil pipe, filter net, hydraulic oil.
  3. oil pump worn out .   solution: check and change if need


temperature control failure2018-11-09T04:58:09+08:00

Question: temperature control failure

daya injection molding machine:  below possible reasons:

  1. temperature control gauge is wrong.   solution: measure it by multimeter, change it if need
  2. thermocouple is wrong.  solution: check the thermocouple of each heating section.  and change it if damaged
  3. during charging, the screw and barrel are too hot to make the heating band broken.    solution:  meansing the heating band, change it if damaged
machine work without force2018-11-09T03:42:04+08:00

Question: machine work without force

daya injection machine: below possible reasons:

  1. The relief valve blocked and often release oil .    solution: Check relief valve and Clean the valve
  2. oil seal ring wear out .  solution:Check each oil cylinder, piston and oil seal ring or change
  3. oil pump wear out.   solution: remove oil pump, check and change if need
  4. preportion valve wear out.   solution: Check and Change proportion valve


no movement of machine2018-11-09T03:39:36+08:00

question: no movement of machine

daya machine: below possible reasons:

  1.  Amplificatory board no output.  solution: Measure output voltage of amplificatory board, and if no voltage, change the board.
  2. fuse burn out.  solution: Check or change connecting fuse
  3. oil pump’s motor rotation reversion.  solution: Exchange two phase
  4. join device between oil pump and motor.   solution:After switch off change it
  5. pressure valve blocked no pressure.  solution:Clear pressure valve, and change hydraulic oil and filter
  6. 24V power wire broken.  solution:Measure and reconnect them
  7. oil pump motor burn out and not start.   solution: Measure motor winding by multimeter and Change motor
  8.  Oil pump is wrong, not retraction oil and increase pressure.   solution:remove oil pump, check and change it if need
  9. Be wanting one phase at three-phase of electricity power.   solution:  check the main electric supply.
the action of machine too slow2018-11-09T03:34:15+08:00

question: the action of machine too slow

daya injection machine: below possible reasons:

  1. current set fail.   solution: Check current of flow and pressure and reset it
  2. flow valve blocked.  solution:Clean flow valve
  3. system pressure too low.  solution:  adjust system pressure
the injection machine shakes greatly2018-11-09T03:32:24+08:00

question: the injection machine shakes greatly

daya injection molding machine: below possible reasons:

  1. fixed bolt of main motor loose.   solution: Tighten the bolts
  2. body and guide of machine not leveling.    solution: Adjust the parallelism and horizontal.
Flow and pressure do not proportion2018-11-09T03:29:13+08:00

question: Flow and pressure do not proportion

daya injection machine: possible reason as below:

  1. voltage transformer connected bad.    solution: Measure transformer output by multimeter or reconnect it
  2. wiring wrong.   solution: Measure connecting wire point by multimeter and reconnect it
  3. number control grid weld fails .  solution: Measure connecting wire point by multimeter and weld it again.
pressure and oil temperature too high2018-11-09T03:26:16+08:00

Question: pressure and oil temperature too high

DAYA injection machine: there may be below possible reasons:

  1. the hydraulic oil leveling inside the oil tank is too low.  solution:  filling enough hydraulic oil
  2. the pressure is too high at no load condition.  solution: set pressure at 1.5Mpa at no load
  3. water temperature is too high.  solution: Clean water scale and add water flow capacity or clean water
full automatic operation failure2018-10-31T10:06:56+08:00

Question: full automatic operation failure

daya injection molding machine:  possible reasons as below

  1. sensor is failure or fixed bolts loosen.    solution:Fix the sensor’s bolt well or change it
  2. time relay failure or damaged.  solution: Check time relay and change it
  3. thermocouple connect poor or damage .  solution : Change or reconnect it
  4. Heating ring damaged   solution: Change it
  5. temperature gauge damaged.   solution: Check and change it


semi automatic operation failure2018-10-31T10:04:45+08:00

Question: semi automatic operation failure

daya molding machine:

electricity switch or time relay no working .  solution: Find fault according to action diagram or change electricity part

the machine can only do injection only at semi-auto operation2018-10-31T10:03:39+08:00

question: the machine can only do injection only at semi-auto operation

daya injection machine: Injection time relay is wrong. solution: Check the time relay and change one

barrel temperature exceed setting value2018-10-31T10:02:28+08:00

question: barrel temperature exceed setting value

daya injection molding machine:   there may be low possible reasons:

  1. screw rotation speed too fast.  solution: Adjust the screw speed
  2. backpressure too high.  solution: decrease the backpressure
  3. screw and barrel worn.   solution : check and change
  4. temperature setting improper.  solution: check and reset
  5. the temperature at plastic cutting too high (specially ABS).   solution: Adjustment screw rotation peed and backpressure lower


no injection at semi automatic operation2018-10-31T10:00:11+08:00

Question: no injection at semi automatic operation

Daya injection machine :  there are possible reasons:

  1. The platen do not clamp to end at the carriage forward end.  solution:check the limit switch and connect the wire
  2. wire broken.  solution: reconnect it
  3. relay inserted wrong.  solution:   the relay insert correctly
  4. no zero on the PLC.  solution:  reset the 0 position on the panel.
  5. time relay is damaged.  solution: change it.
screw can’t mix color well2018-10-31T09:56:38+08:00

question: screw can’t mix color well

daya injection machine:  possible reasons as below:

  1. material has problem.  solution: change it.
  2. temperature too low.  solution: increase the heating temperature
  3. back pressure too low.   solution: increase it
  4. screw rotating speed twoo low.   solution: add the speed
  5. diffuse quanity of oil is too small.  solution:  add them
black points on the product2018-10-31T09:53:16+08:00

Question: black points on the product

Daya machinery:  there may be below reasons:

  1. There are old material left over on the screw.   solution: Clean and polishing screw
  2. There are some old material left over on the barrel, or accessory hasn’t clean.  solution: Clean accessory and polishing barrel
  3. Some parts are dirty and rust such as suck off ring, thrust ring screw tip, material cylinder.   solution:Clean, polish and change them
  4. Have old material left over on the flange and nozzle.  solution: Clean, polish and change them
  5. Temperature is too high, backpressure of charging is too high.   solution: Check each section temperature, and fall down, decrease backpressure.
  6. raw material are dirt.  solution: check and change them


back-pressure not set at plasticizing2018-10-31T09:50:37+08:00

question: back-pressure not set at plasticizing

daya machinery:

Bad back-pressure valve.  solution: Clean back pressure valve or change it

The noise of beginning plasticizing is loudly2018-10-31T09:49:45+08:00

Question: The noise of beginning plasticizing is loudly

daya machinery:

  1. Exchange fast/low speed over fast.   solution: Raise backpressure or increase injection section step  or Raise holding pressure, add plasticizing time
The noise of injection loudly at beginning injection2018-10-31T09:46:15+08:00

Question: The noise of injection loudly at beginning injection

daya machinery:    there may be below reasons:

  1. beginning speed of injection too quick.  solution: Adjustment setting value on the menus
  2. backpressure too high.   solution: decrease the back pressure
  3. there is air inside the oil circuit.   solution:  exhaust the air.
injection machine’s carriage do not moves2018-10-31T09:44:09+08:00

question: injection machine’s carriage do not moves

DAYA MACHINEY: there may be below reasons:

  1. .piston bar broken.   solution: Remove locking nut and change piston bar
  2. direction valve of carriage moving is no working.   solution: Check and clean it if blocked
  3. Electricity wire disconnected.   solution: change the coil of solenoid valve or connect wire
injection machine no charge2018-10-31T09:41:35+08:00

Question: injection machine no charge

DAYA MACHINEY:  there may be below reasons:

  1. back-pressure valve damaged or back-pressure too high.  solution: Change backpressure valve or adjust pressure lower
  2. the cooling water of barrel are not enough, temperature of hopper is too high.   solution:Clear plastic block feel in the hopper, in the barrel, increase cooling water capacity.
  3. no material in the hopper.   solution: Check and charge the material
  4. screw and barrel wore out.   solution: Check and change it
machine can’t inject2018-10-31T09:39:07+08:00

Question: machine can’t inject


  1. Coil of solenoid valve is burned.  solution:  check and change it.
  2. valve core blocked by dirty thing.  solution:  clean it or change the solenoid valve
  3. pressure of injection is too low.    solution: set injection pressure
  4. the temperature of material barrel is too low.    solution: check, change fuse and reset temperature of material barrel
  5. piston seal of injection cylinder is damaged.   solution: check seal ring and change it
  6. shut off ring broken .   solution:  check and change the ring
  7. nozzle blocked.   solution: clean nozzle or change it
The hydraulic motor oscillating at plasticizing2018-10-31T09:35:00+08:00

Question: The hydraulic motor oscillating at plasticizing

DAYA MACHINERY: there may be below reasons:

  1. gearing damaged.  solution: change gearing
  2. setting clearance between gearing improper.  solution:Check transmission shaft shaking or not at plasticizing, reset the clearance.
  3. screw distortion。 solution:If screw bend change screw
  4. copper bushing of carriage wear out heavily.  solution: Check copper bushing and leader and change them
the sound is too high when opening mold2018-10-29T05:46:47+08:00

Question: the sound is too high when opening mold

DAYA MACHINERY:  there may be below possible reasons:

  1. Lubricates of clamping structure are worse.  solution: Check steel sleeve and shaft with locking, if wear out, change it.
  2. clamping force is too large.   solution: Adjust suitable clamping force.
  3. Parallel between fixed mold platen and moving platen platen is bad. Set moving platen and improve mold parallelism
  4. exchange time is too short from low  speed to quick speed. Solution: add Propriety opening mold time
can’t adjust mold height2018-10-29T05:44:02+08:00

Question: can’t adjust mold height

DAYA MACHINERY: there may be below reasons:

  1. The clearance between pressing lid of adjusting nut and nut is too small. solution: Adjustment the clearance between lid and nut
  2. screw thread of mold-adjust nut gnaws dead.   solution: Change nut, or repair the screw
  3. the slider of moving platen moves too heavy.  solution: Adjustment moving slider  again
  4. The motor used for adjusting mould does not work.  solution: Check the valve of  mold adjustment, if bad change or repair it
  5. proximity switch, relay and contactor are burned.   solution: Check 3-phase voltage, and change these parts
  6. the wire interrupt or connect bad.  solution: Check control wire and each contact, then reconnect
Can’t control to open mould fastly or slowly2018-10-29T05:40:00+08:00

Question:Can’t control to open mould fastly or slowly

DAYA MACHINERY:The Relay on program plate is wrong.  Solution: Change relay

mold clamping blocked2018-10-29T05:38:56+08:00

Question: mold clamping blocked

DAYA MACHINERY: there may be air in the oil circuit.  solution:  exhaust the air

only have speed and no pressure at clamping2018-10-29T05:37:37+08:00

Question:only have speed and no pressure at clamping

DAYA MACHINERY: High pressure stroke switch does not work.   solution: Check the switch and repair or change it

high pressure mold clamping not work2018-10-29T05:36:16+08:00

Question: high pressure mold clamping not work

DAYA MACHINERY: it is because the set of mold height improper.  solution: Adjustment moving platen forward

the moving mold platen don’t close during mold closing2018-10-29T05:34:10+08:00

Question: the moving mold platen don’t close during mold closing

DAYA MACHINERY: Wire connecting error.   solution:Check and reconnect them

the mold auto open slowly at other operation after clamping2018-10-29T05:32:26+08:00

Question: the mold auto open slowly at other operation after clamping

DAYA MACHINERY: Opening mold valve is leakage.  Solution: Change opening mold valve

big oil pump do not unload2018-10-29T05:28:53+08:00

Question: big oil pump do not unload

DAYA MACHINERY:  there may be below possible reason:

  1. hydraulic valve blocked.  solution: Clean pressure valve or reconnect
  2. unloading time too short.  solution: Extend unloading time
  3. Speed and pressure of unload too small or nothing.    solution:Raise speed and pressure of discharge
Fault of adjustment mould counter2018-10-29T05:48:07+08:00

Question: Fault of adjustment mould counter

DAYA MACHINERY: there are possible below situation:

  1. proximity switch is bad.  solution: Change switch, setting position
  2. adjusting mold travel time too short.   solution: Adjusting molds stroke time.
  3. adjustment nut blocked.  solution: Change burned parts and set clearance of adjustment mold nut
creeping of opening and closing mold2018-10-29T05:48:29+08:00

Question: creeping of opening and closing mold

DAYA MACHINERY:  there may be 3 possible reasons.

1, Leader supported moving platen and tie bars wear out heavily. solution: Change wears out parts and often lubricate machine.

2, Level and vertical between two platens.   solution:  Setting leader levelly.  or Adjust slide of moving platen to make tie bar straight.

3.the opening mold speed and pressure setting data are wrong.  Solution: Exhaust air gas. or Adjust flow and pressure proportional.  or Set current data of proportion valve.

How to avoid sink mark when molding plastic products?2018-10-29T05:54:03+08:00

Question: How to avoid sink mark when molding plastic products?

DAYA MACHIENRY: Instead it is part thickness distribution with respect to injection point (gate) towards the extreme point on the melt flow path i.e, last fill point. A good injection molding part thickness should always decrease (not uniform) along the flow path and that thickness decrease magnitude is the prime factor responsible for sink marks.

Basically injection (processing) pressure and temperature are primarily polymer and then mold and machine dependent. i.e., injection melt state variables., So part form / features have very less to do with setting injection melt state.However a good control to prevent sinks can be achieved by increasing packing intensification rate, this technique can considerably compensate thickness distribution variance also, which is quite often.

How to make plastic parts look like metal?2018-10-29T05:53:42+08:00

Question:How to make plastic parts look like metal?

DAYA MACHINERY: Like most processes, making plastic parts look like metal can be done poorly or well, and can be appropriate or not. If you want to look at some really beautiful metal coated parts, check out some of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. This requires specific material and design skill, but these parts are durable, wear reasonably well and look just like, particularly, chromed metal, in part because those items are chrome-plated.

As with any project, the hard part is to define as closely as possible what it is you want: Does it have to “sort of look like metal,” does it have to look like a mirror, does it need to look like brushed stainless, etc., and how much abrasion, temperature resistance (e.g. will it sit on the top of a car dashboard where it could get to 180F), does the metal in the metallic look have to contribute anything other than aesthetics (e.g. conductivity)? The more time you spend closely defining the parameters, the better chance you have for success.

machine can’t make the good product stably2018-10-29T05:53:22+08:00

Question: machine can’t make the good product stably


In a stable production cycle, if the quality of the finished product is unstable, which may be caused by wear or improper adjustment of the mechanical parts.

1. Wear of screw, check ring and barrel.
2. The inner seal of the injection cylinder is damaged and internal leakage occurs.
3. The temperature control of the heating cylinder is unstable.
4. The pressure and speed control are partially abnormal.

Abnormal noise occuring2018-10-28T13:41:53+08:00

Abnormal noise occuring indicating that parts are damaged or improperly adjusted. The cause should be repaired according to the location of the noise.

1. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is insufficient. The suction of the oil pump or the dirt of the oil filter will cause the oil pump to be short of oil, causing the air bubbles in the oil to leak and hit the blade to generate noise. The solution is to check the oil quantity and prevent the air from being inhaled. Clean the oil filter.

2. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is high, and the flow resistance is increased. It is necessary to replace the suitable hydraulic oil.

3. Due to the damage of the bearing or blade of the oil pump or motor, the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, and the concentricity or replacement parts must be adjusted.

4, the directional valve reaction is not effective but the function is still, such as valve core wear, internal leakage, burr blocking, movement is not flexible, solenoid valve failure due to insufficient current will also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core, the valve core must be replaced with new parts, and the current must be stable and sufficient.

5. The hydraulic components are damaged or the oil pipelines are blocked, causing noise when the hydraulic oil flows at high speed.

6. If the mechanical part is faulty, the bearing is worn or the machinery lacks lubricating oil or the parts are loose, the reason should be found to tighten or replace the parts to ensure sufficient lubricating oil.

oil temperature too high2018-10-28T13:40:38+08:00

An abnormal rise in oil temperature may be caused by an abnormality in the cooling system or high heat generated by the hydraulic components during operation.

1, the cooling system is not normal

1) Insufficient supply of cooling system, such as insufficient water opening, insufficient water pressure or pump flow does not meet the needs.
2) Blockage of pipes, such as filters, cooling towers or water pipes.
3) The cooling water temperature is too high, such as the cooling tower cooling capacity is insufficient, or the damage or the temperature is too high.

2, the hydraulic system produces high heat

1) The oil pump is damaged, and internal parts are worn at high speed to generate high heat.
2) The pressure regulation is not proper, and the hydraulic system is in a high pressure state for a long time and is overheated.
3) Internal leakage of the hydraulic components, such as damage to the directional valve or damage to the seal ring, causes heat to be generated when the high pressure oil flows through the small space.

solution to high oil temperature2018-10-07T02:47:40+08:00

(1) According to different load requirements, always check and adjust the pressure of the relief valve to make it just right.

(2) Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil, especially oil viscosity, when conditions permit, try to use a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity friction loss.

(3) Improve the lubrication condition of moving parts to reduce friction loss, which is beneficial to reduce working load and reduce heat generation.

(4) Improve the assembly quality and accuracy of the hydraulic components and hydraulic system, strictly control the matching clearance of the fittings and improve the lubrication conditions. The sealing material with low friction coefficient and the improved sealing structure are used to reduce the starting force of the hydraulic cylinder as much as possible to reduce the heat generated by the mechanical friction loss.

why machine alarm – high hydraulic oil temperature2018-10-29T05:51:41+08:00

Question: why machine alarm – high hydraulic oil temperature

  1.  The fuel tank volume is too small, the heat dissipation area is insufficient, and the cooling device has a small capacity.
  2. The dosing pump oil supply system that selects the pump capacity according to the fast-forward speed, during operation, most of the excess flow will overflow from the overflow valve under high pressure and generate heat.
  3. The unloading circuit in the system is faulty or the unloading circuit is not set. When the pump stops working, the oil pump cannot be unloaded. The entire flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, causing overflow loss and heating, resulting in temperature rise.
  4. The system piping is too long and too long, too much bending, partial pressure loss and large pressure loss along the path.
  5. The component accuracy is insufficient and the assembly quality is poor, and the mechanical friction loss between the relative movements is large.
  6.  The matching clearance of the fittings is too small, or the wear is too large, resulting in excessive clearance, and the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in volume loss, such as the volumetric efficiency of the pump is reduced, and the temperature rise is fast.
  7. The hydraulic system working pressure is adjusted much higher than the actual needs. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the pressure to work because the seal is too tight, or because the seal is damaged or the leak is increased.
  8. The temperature of the gas and working environment is high, causing the oil temperature to rise.
  9. Selecting the viscosity of the oil is improper, the viscosity is large, the viscous resistance is large, and the viscosity is too small, the leakage is increased, and both cases can cause the heat rise.
Injection moulding machine can’t close the mold2018-10-29T05:50:41+08:00

Quesiton: Injection moulding machine can’t close the mold


  1.  check the front travel switch of safety door and repair it.
  2. check the 24V5A power in the electric box, replace the insurance and the power box.
  3.  check whether the spool is stuck, clean the spool.
  4. check the I/O board has output or not,weather the magnetic valve is open or not.
  5. check whether the hydraulic safety switch is closed, whether the mechanical lock rod is opened or not.
Mold open-closing scramble2018-09-29T07:45:46+08:00


 1): starting speed is slow, check the screw damping ,wheher it is too big, adjust to use  screw with small damping hole.

2): damping screw middle hole too big, check the Y screw hole damping is too large or not,change for damping nail with smaller center hole  .

The noise of mold open and closing2018-09-29T07:45:06+08:00

Handling method:

1)check whether the lubricating oil pipe is cut off , if so, reconnect the tubing pipe.

2): small amount of lubricating oil, increase lubricating oil amount , add once at 50 mold open-close circle,or manually add lubricating oil.

3): clamping force over large, check whether the mold needs large clamping force, lower the clamping force.

4): the current fluctuation of the amplifier board, check whether the current parameters meet the acceptance criteria, re adjust the current value.

5): parallelism error,use  indicator to check head board parallelism to make sure it’s  greater than the acceptance criteria or not; adjust the parallelism.

Can’t open the mold2018-09-29T07:31:27+08:00

Processing method:

1): increase the speed of the mold open-close, the pressure and flow is too small, not adjusted, check the speed of the mold open-close, the pressure is appropriate or not, increase the pressure and speed of the mold open-close.

2): The electronic ruler in clamping unite is zero change, check the ruler,whether it is stop in the zero position or not, re adjust the electronic ruler into zero position.

3) check whether it is anti- hinge.

what’s the guarantee period if i buy machines from your company2018-09-29T06:56:47+08:00

Our company solemn promise: The whole warranty of the machine for 13 months, except for wearing parts.

Machine warranty 13 months refers to the machine’s shipping out date.

Due to manufacturing defects caused by the quality of the machine itself, we will give you a free warranty.

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