High speed injection molding video, thin wall injection molding video

China daya company is one of the earliest manufacturers who manufacture and promote high speed injection molding machine in China.With more than 5 years selling and improving, daya high speed injection moulding machine is well sold and has good repution both in local market and foreign market.

Daya high speed injection moulding machine has outstanding performance in the aspects of motion characteristics,machine precision,service life,etc.It is widely used in packaging,medical and 3C electronic product,etc.

The barrel of daya high speed injection machine adopts infrared ray heat insulation device. with infrared ray radiation heating mode,it has quick heating,high efficiency,energy saving,longer service life and other advantages.

The position measurement of moving mold platen of high speed injection machine adpots the magnetostrictive displacement sensor,using the non-contact measurement,it can transmit digital signals and make the measuring date accurate and reliable.Meanwhile,with the high repeat precision,it can fully improve the position precision of the moving mold platen.