what model of hydraulic oil should be choosed for injection molding machine?

Generally, there are three models, #32, #46, #68 from different brands, such as Mobil, Shell, Castrol and chinese brands,etc.  Generallly, we suggest #46 hydraulic oil for injection molding machine.  of customer, if the temperature in customer’s place is very low all year round, can also choose #32 which has lower viscosity than #46.  Corresponding, if very hot, can choose #68.

hydraulic oil for injection machine

Whether the hydraulic system of the machine can work normally, in addition to the reasonable design of the system, the quality of component manufacturing and maintenance and use, the applicability and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is a very important factor. As the working medium of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic oil not only transfers energy, but also protects the moving parts of lubricating elements from corrosion.

In particular, the current hydraulic technology continues to develop towards high pressure, integration, and miniaturization. Together with the application of electronic technology, it puts ever higher requirements on the reliability, sensitivity, stability and life of the hydraulic system. Therefore, injection molding The hydraulic system of the machine should use hydraulic oil with good performance and high cleanliness.

What is the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the injection molding machine?

The ideal working temperature of the hydraulic system should be between 45 degrees and 50 degrees. The reason is that the hydraulic system is designed according to a selected pressure oil viscosity, but the viscosity will change with the oil temperature, which will affect the work of the system. Components, such as oil cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc., reduce control accuracy and response sensitivity, especially for precision injection machines.

At the same time, if the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the aging of the seal and cause it to harden and crack; if the temperature is too low, the processing energy will be consumed and the operating speed will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the working temperature of hydraulic oil. There are many reasons for the high oil temperature, but most of them are due to the failure of the oil circuit or the failure of the cooling system.

If the oil temperature is too low, it is also not good for the injection molding machine. so according to some customers’ requireemnt, daya machinery add the “hydraulic oil pre-heat” function to the daya injection molding machines. 

Insufficient oil will cause the oil temperature to rise easily, and the air will easily dissolve into the oil, which will affect the oil quality and the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Insufficient oil is usually caused by oil leakage or loss during repairs. For this reason, you should pay attention to check whether there is any leakage. If necessary, replace worn seals and tighten loose joints as soon as possible. After maintenance, check the amount of oil in the fuel tank and replenish it in time.

One of the important properties of hydraulic oil is its chemical stability, that is, oxidation stability. Oxidation is the most important factor that determines the effective service life of hydraulic oil. The insoluble matter such as wood tar, sludge and carbon residue generated by oxidation will contaminate the hydraulic system, increase the wear of hydraulic components, reduce various gaps, block small holes, and eventually cause The hydraulic system is malfunctioning.

The oxidation rate of hydraulic oil depends on many factors such as itself and working conditions, among which temperature is one of the main factors. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable hydraulic oil and regularly check the oxidation degree of the hydraulic oil (judged from the darker color of the oil itself) ), it is absolutely necessary to actively change the oil after a certain number of working hours.

During the use of the injection molding machine, always check the pressure oil level, the pressure of the oil pump and the cleanliness of the pressure oil. When encountering wet weather, the concentration of the pressure oil must be checked daily, and the water pipes must be checked frequently to prevent water from being mixed in. In the pressure oil, the oil filter is blocked. Check the fuel tank frequently to keep it clean to prevent debris from falling in. Replenish pressure oil on time.

For lubricating all moving parts, each travel switch, the tightening of screws, and whether each oil hose, joint part is leaking, etc., it should be routinely checked once a week to keep it in good condition. If it is loose, replace or tighten it.

In addition, if a pressure oil is used for too long or too long, the pressure oil can be replaced, so as to extend the life of the oil switch, oil pump and sealing ring.