Core setting is very important for the injection molding machines which using the core pulling in production, for example, PVC fitting production.

Core 1 ,Core 2 setting

Below is the path to enter the core setting screen of daya injection molding machine.

Path– screen –F6 core –F2 core 1/F3 core 2

core setting-1

core setting-2

Core means core in and core out movement, it‟s also a injection of a core when mold platen needs a mold close procedure, while during the open mold procedure the core was suck out and return to its original form, this function basically is used for a cannular mold platen.

Under a auto mode condition injection and core move forward at the same time to prevent the core from being contracted when injection. Therefore core and screw is not allowed to use for the same function


Selecting core mode, it is a core in movement, selecting screw mode it means the products need manufacture with grains, with the help of oil pressure motor to activate turning and position fixing control. (When you are using the function above, please check the motor if there is a oil passage switch, it is because this function is a non standardize equipment)

Core setting:

The computer can provide at least 6 group of core control which is depends on the motor oil passage equipment every group of core can set separately according to your require including the pressure, speed, movement time, movement position setup.

Control :

If a core mode is selected, you can either choose the distance control or the
time control. If a screw mode is selected, you can either choose counting control or time

Core Function

Path- screen – F6 Core – F5 FUNC

core setting-3

Core Pull :

Maximum 6 groups of core setting usage is available

Manual core:

Operating panel only provide A B C three groups of operating key. Select this if you want to operate core D E F group manually.

core setting-4

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