screw is very important for the injection molding machine,regular inspection and cleaning is very necessary.

Cleaning of screw


  1. Wipe the screw of injection machine with waste cotton cloth to remove the deposited resin on its surface.
  2. Remove resin residual deposited on the screw surface with a brass brush, or heat it with a burner or similar device for a while, and then remove it with waste cotton cloth or a brass brush.
  3. Clean the screw head, non-return ring, thrust ring and mixing ring (some machines are not equipped without mixing ring) with the same method for cleaning the screw (refer to above figure).Besides, also clean the thread of the screw head and the principal part of the screw with brass brush.
  4. Finally, wipe all oil spots with nonflammable solvent after the screw is cooled down.

Inspection of screw


  1. Check the damage
  2. Check the wearing of the plating;
  3. Check whether the screw thread has been damaged (the principal part of the screw)
  4. Check if the surface of the non-return ring and thrust ring are damaged, if so, return of material may occur during injection. This will impact the product quality.