Temperature Settings

Below is the path to enter the heating temperature setting screen of daya injection molding machine:

Path– screen – F8 temp – F2 temp

temperature setting

Maximum temperature preset value 450 ℃ .

Keep warm function :

Use temperature setting-2 to select “not use” .When it shows ”use”, then the actual temperature is set according to the preset warming temperature.

Anti-cold start time:

this time on the actual temperature reached the set temperature of minus deviation of the temperature after the next time. Allow time after the end of the action.

Keep warm temperature :

When the temperature reached the preset keep warm temperature, the computer will automatically switch on the heater to activate the keep warm function.

Electric heat diagram color explanation 

Dark Blue:

Means the actual temperature is within the limit range.(injection movement is available)


Heating condition.(injection is not available)


Means the actual temperature has overtake the temperature range which is exceeding the upper limit.

※ ※ Note:

If the actual temperature than the original set of temperature alarm, the lower limit will be ‘temperature deviations’ message, but so will be able to reduce the heating next time.

When the temperature is damage the screen will display ”977” , ”988” , ”999”.

977 means the temperature board is not connected or damaged.

988 means the temperature wire or temperature induction is damaged.
999 means the temperature is exceeding the normal range limit or the temperature wire is damaged.