injection moulding machine suddently alarm “high-pressure mould close”

During the production, customer may met the alarm “high-pressure mold close” on the screen of injection moulding machine, there are several possible reasons as below:

  1. check the guide-rod and guide-bush of the mould to see if they are good or not.
  2. check the mold temperature (too high mould temperature will cause out of shape.  also check the cooling water of the mold
  3. check the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the injection moulding machine
  4. check the electric tranduscer  of injection moulding machine to see if it is in 0 position. also check if it was fixed well or damaged.
  5. check the limit swith of the high-pressure mold close
  6. check the set time of the high pressure mold close.