injection parameter for PS material

suggest set heating temperature

Feeding zone  of Barrel temperature 30~50°C (50°C)
Zone 1 160 ~ 250 ° C (200 ° C)
Zone 2 200~300°C (210°C)
Zone 3 220 ~ 300 ° C (230 ° C)
Zone 4 220~300°C (230°C)
Zone 5 220~300°C (230°C)
Nozzle 220 ~ 300 ° C (230 ° C)

The temperature in parentheses is recommended as the basic setting, the stroke utilization is 35% and 65%, and the ratio of module flow length to wall thickness is 50:1 to 100:1.
Melt temperature 220~280°C
Barrel constant temperature 220 ° C
Mold temperature 15~50°C
Injection pressure has good flow performance, avoiding excessive injection pressure of 80-140MPa (800~1400bar)
Holding pressure 30%~60% of injection pressure; relatively short holding time
Back pressure 5~10MPa (50~100bar); in the place where the back pressure is too low, bubbles are easily generated in the melt (there are gray and black lines in the product)

Injection speed is generally faster, multi-stage injection is based on the shape of the product; for thin-walled packaging containers should be as fast as possible, if necessary, using accumulators
Screw speed High screw speed (maximum line speed of 1.3m/s) is permissible; but for good results, the plasticizing process should be as slow as the cooling time
Metering stroke 0.5 ~ 4D (minimum ~ maximum); 4D metering stroke is very important to provide a long enough residence time for the melt

Residual material amount 2~8mm, depending on metering stroke and screw speed
Pre-drying is not required; if the storage conditions are not good, it can be dried at 80 ° C for 1 h.
Recovery rate can reach 100% recycling
Shrinkage rate 0.3% to 0.6%

Gate system point gate; heated hot runner, insulated hot runner, inner casting sleeve; relatively small cross section is sufficient
during Machine downtime , no need special cleaning work with other materials; PS temperature rise
Barrel equipment Standard screw, straight-through nozzle, check valve.