Selection of hydraulic oil and lubricaiton oil

The following lubricant oil and hydraulic oil are recommended for using of injection molding machine



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Lubricant oil




Viscidity of hydraulic oil: 68CST/40℃

Mobil DTE26, SHELL TELLUS Oil 68

Wei Si DAER No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil,

Shanghai HAIPAI No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil

For hydraulic part of the system



Lubricant oil



No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil



To lubricate the large moving platen sliding portion and injection table seat plate.
Special lubricant oil


Extreme pressure lithium-base grease LIFP00

No. 1 lithium-base lubricant grease

No. 3 lithium-base lubricant oil

To lubricate the relevant points of injection part and mold clamping part.


Lubrication and maintenance

To ensure normal operation of the injection molding machine, all moving parts of the machine are equipped with lubricating devices and lubricating points (refer to schematic diagram of lubrication). Especially for the mold clamping mechanism, this machine uses the automatic lubricating system incorporating oil steel jackets. The following is the brief introduction of the automatic lubricating system.

Configuration and features of the lubricating system

The lubricating system consists of lubricant oil pump, lubricant oil circuit, lubricant oil distributors and lubrication points (including oil gaskets). Lubricant oil runs to all oil circuit distributors via the oil pump and then to all lubrication points (including oil gaskets) to accomplish the function of lubricating all moving parts of the plastic injector. As it incorporates oil steel gaskets, the system is able to store oil and thus offers good and durable lubrication effect.

The lubricating system is controlled by the computer. Via monitoring the pressure relay by computer, the lubrication conditions of the system can be controlled. During lubrication, if the oil tank is short of oil, the oil circuit leaks, the pump filtering screen clogs or oil pressure is not high enough, the control computer will sound an alarm to indicate a poor lubrication condition. In such case, check the cause for poor lubrication and timely add lubricant oil or repair to ensure normal lubrication and operation of the plastic injector.

Requirements for lubricant oil

The lubricant oils recommended for use in this system, refer to the types of lubricant oils shown in the schematic diagram.

lubrication schematic diagram