Material Nylon PA PA66

Material Nylon PA PA66


Common name nylon and polyamide
Abbreviation PA ,     English name NYLON
Introduction PA is a generic term for polyamide-based plastics. They have an amide group in structure and have similar properties. Its overall appearance is characterized by a class of toughness, keratin, from yellowish transparent to opaque materials. The general nylon is a crystalline plastic and also has an amorphous transparent nylon.

Combustion characteristics:
Slow burning, can continue to burn or slow out after the fire, the upper end of the flame is golden yellow, the lower end is blue, the material melts and drops when burning, foaming and emits the smell of burnt feathers or nails.

The commonality of PA mechanical is tough, both with high surface hardness, tensile strength, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and folding resistance.
PA has high wear resistance, self-lubricating, and noise.
PA is heat and cold resistant, and it guarantees high mechanical properties in cold and hot seasons.
PA is resistant to chemicals and oil. Resistant to stress cracking.
PA is easy to print, easy to dye, and has excellent electrical properties.

The biggest disadvantage of PA is that it has poor dimensional accuracy, and thermal expansion and water absorption have a great influence on its size;
PA is poor in acid resistance and cannot be dyed with acid dyes, nor can it be too much acidic.
PA has poor light resistance and poor stain resistance.

Production of bearings, gears, wheels, shaft rollers, pump impellers, fan blades, oil pipelines, oil storage pipes, ropes, fishing nets, transformer coils

Injection molding features:
PA has strong water absorption and strong water absorption due to the presence of amide groups. Therefore, it should be fully dried during injection molding, generally drying at 120 ° C for 3-4 hours; PA viscosity is small, flow speed is fast, to prevent nozzle flow Self-locking nozzles or nylon-specific nozzles should be used. At the same time, pay attention to the accuracy of the mold.


Introduction PA66 is a white translucent material
Identification: After heating with PA66 and hydrochloric acid at 110 ° C for 4 hours, a small amount of white adipic acid crystals precipitated. PA6 is not available, PA610B is also available.

Combustion characteristics:
Same as the burning characteristics of nylon.

PA66 is the most mechanically strong of nylon materials. Its tensile strength, surface hardness and rigidity are higher than other nylon plastics.
PA has high wear resistance and its wear resistance is only lower than that of POM, and is superior to other nylons.

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