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1101, 2024

Paint bucket IML

By |about injection molding|

In mold labeling (IML) is a process in which a label is placed into the mold before the plastic is injected, resulting in the label becoming an integral part of the final product. This technique is commonly used in [...]

1811, 2023

maintenance and spare parts for injection molding machine

By |about injection molding, injection molding knowledge|

Injection molding machine is a mechanical equipment widely used in manufacturing plastic products. It injects molten plastic material (plastic particles) into the mold, and then heats, shapes, cools and solidifies to create plastic products of various shapes and sizes. . [...]

411, 2023

Injection machine 220ton loaded into container for shipment

By |industry news|

DAYA MACHINERY company has loaded one 220ton injection molding machine HXM228 today. photo of machine HXM228 this machine model HXM228 is the latest new model and design injection molding machine with servo has higher working precision and [...]

1908, 2021

170 ton injection molding machine loaded and shipped to customer

By |industry news|

Today, we daya machinery has loaded one set of 170 ton injection molding machine with servo system to our respected customer in Myanmar.  For the loading, one piece 20ft container is needed. the classical series 170 ton injection molding machine [...]

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