PP PE PS ABS plastic resin price in China right now

PP PE PS ABS plastic resin price in China right now

PP PE PS ABS plastic resin price in China right now

This week, the domestic PP market was strong and stable, and the market rose after consolidation. The long-term holiday returns to the market, stimulated by the high level of PP futures and the increase in petrochemicals, the high sentiment continued to rise in the market, and many traders had little inventory pressure, and they rushed their own offers.

However, downstream factory purchases are hesitant, and some of them are in conflict with high-priced resources. The lack of transactions inhibits the upward trend, and the prices in the second half of the week have basically stopped rising. End of the weekend, East China: drawing 11050-11150 yuan / ton, up 300 yuan / ton; homopolymer injection molding 11050-11250 yuan / ton, low end up 200 yuan / ton, high-end up 250 yuan / ton; low-melting copolymer 11250- 11400 yuan / ton, low-end rose 50 yuan / ton, high-end rose 100 yuan / ton;

This week, the domestic PE market atmosphere is acceptable, and the market is partially higher. At the beginning of the week, petrochemical enterprises raised their ex-factory prices one after another, and their determination to support the market was obvious.  However, with the increase in market prices, the procurement enthusiasm of the downstream factories has weakened, the demand side is not strong enough, the high level transactions have slowed down, and the news of the late crude oil decline and the weak futures market has been negatively suppressed.

The effect is that the hype heats down and the operation becomes more cautious. It is expected that the recent polyethylene market may be in a high position. Mainstream price at weekend: LDPE: 9550-9950 yuan in East China, 9950-10500 yuan in South China, 100-150 yuan, 9650-10150 yuan in North China, 50 yuan in high-end; LLDPE: 950,000-10000 yuan in East China, up 50- 250 yuan, 10050-10200 yuan in South China, up 200 yuan, 9700-9900 yuan in North China, up 50-150 yuan;

On the weekend, PS market CITIC 525 reported 12,700 yuan / ton, Saibaolong 525 reported 12,700 yuan / ton, 535N rose 200 to 13,200 yuan / ton, 8250 rose 200 to 13,600 yuan / ton, the above quotations are tax-included prices. Yuyao PS market 118 rose 100 to 13,300 yuan / ton, GPS-525 rose 100 to 12,850 yuan / ton, PG-33 rose 200 to 13,500 yuan / ton, HIPS-622 rose 200 to 13,800 yuan / ton, PH-88 reported 13700 Yuan / ton, the above quoted price is tax-included.

Domestic ABS resin market went up and down coexistence. At the beginning of the week, the domestic ABS market was generally stable and individual grades were adjusted. The downstream factories continued to focus on on-demand purchases, with flat demand and a flat trading atmosphere. Near the weekend, the market trend was stable. Petrochemical prices have been adjusted individually.

Merchants are mainly waiting to see the market outlook, and intend to ship. The downstream still receives the goods on demand, and the transaction performance is average. It is expected that the domestic ABS market will stabilize mainly next week and be partially consolidated.

On the weekend, ABS market 0215A rose 100 to 15,000 yuan / ton, 121H rose 50 to 15400 yuan / ton, 15E1 reported 15350 yuan / ton, 15A1 rose 50 to 15400 yuan / ton, 707K rose 50 to 15,350 yuan / ton, 417 rose 100 to 15050 yuan / ton, all of which are tax-included prices. Yuyao ABS market 0215A rose 100 to 15,300 yuan / ton, 121H rose 100 to 15,600 yuan / ton, 757K rose 100 to 15,700 yuan / ton, DG-417 rose 100 to 15,100 yuan / ton, 15A1 rose 100 to 15,600 yuan / ton, All of the above are tax-inclusive prices.

All above information and price of the plastic material only for reference.

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