•  Classical Series injection molding machine

  • DAYA classical injection molding machine including:
  • the vane pump injection molding machine,
  • variable pump injection molding machine,
  • servo model injection molding machines.
  • The clamping force ranges from 90ton to 3000ton.
  • High Precision

  • DAYA brandi njection molding machine for stable precision injection molding, we did many special design, so as to ensure the user to get the required precision plastic parts repeartly.
  1. Five-point double toggle diagonal structure, tempalate design by computer optimization
  2. Mechanic,electronic & hydraulic triple interlock safety protection function
  3. sensitive low-pressure mold protection device-eject
  4. multiple stages control for mold opening, clamping pressure.
  • Easy usage

  • compared to common injection molding machine of calculation speed of less than 32MHZ, it is more than 400MHZ with the precision, which are of high request in respons and very function. Easy operation for all users with large color screen and friendly operation interface.
  1. special PLC computer for plastic injection molding machine. control and display relatively independent with high reliablility.
  2. technical parameters pre-setting and storage function
  3. parameters informetion protection function
  4. charging barrel temperature deviation automatic adjustment function

Popular model of plastic injection molding machine