auto loader

One-piece type autoloader

Performance and characteristic of one-piece autoloader

  • Imported high speed commutator motor, small cubage and strong suction.
  • Connection between operation controller and electric control box free and convenient operation.
  • The micro computer controls and the accurate action.
  • Out hanged air storage device to thoroughly clean the dust on the strainer.
  • Electronic action detector and low fault rate. Multi fault indicator lamp to facilitate the customer knowing the reason and handling in time.

Detachable type autoloader

Performance and characteristic of detachable autoloader

  • Separation design between the controller and the material hopper, which is convenient and simple to operate.
  • Accurate micro computer control and alarm attentions.
  • Motor overload protection equipped to effectively prolong the service life of the motor. With the high voltage blower, the materials can be conveyed in a long distance.
  • The hopper is made from the stainless steel to ensure that the material can not be polluted.
  • The machine type one-to-several plastic Injecting molding machine can be selected for charging as per customer’s needs.
  • The electric eye hopper or vacuum hopper can be selected according to customer’s needs.