Project Description

hopper dryer

Basic introduction

  • HHD series models are the most economy and effective hopper dryers which can dry plastic materials getting wet in transportation or recycling. They can be directly mounted on the molding machine which saves space for quick drying. The  Hot air blows evenly from bottom and there are 11 models to choose from, capacity range: 12kg-1000kg.

Model definition

  • HHD – AAA – BBB
  • HHD: HUARE Hopper Dryer
  • AAA:Loading capacity (Kg)
  • BBB:EM=Magnetic Base; ET=24 Hours Timer;ETM=24 Hours Timer + Magnetic Base;
  • HHD-300E and above type standard for the ET models

Special Features

  • Great design, made of stainless steel;
  • Evenly distributed hot air with high efficiency;
  • Digital P.I.D. controller;
  • Stainless steel barrel and parts;
  • Detachable barrel for quick material changing and cleaning;
  • Overheat protection which minimizes accidents caused by mechanical breakdown and mishandling;
  • Standard main power switch & Over Temp Trip protection( ET Mode )


  • Exhaust Air Filter/ Fan Inlet Filter/ Magnetic Base/ Magnetic Frame/ Hot Air Recycling/ Ground Frame / Mobile Collection Bin / Suction Box and other accessories can be optional
  • Double-layer insulation cylinder function can be optional
  • HLINK networking function can be optional


  • Add 24-hour timer, the model after filling “T”.
  • Add magnetic base, the model after filling “M”.
  • The above loading is based on the particle diameter of 3-5mm, the bulk density of about 0.65kg / L standard plastic raw materials conversion.
  • The power supply must use the specified voltage.
  • Have any special needs, please contact us.
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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