screw air compressor

Product Structure and Feature of screw air compressor

  1. Soundproof Enclosure

The optimized structure of the soundprof enclosure cabinet attached inside with material of high efficient sound absorbing and fire retardant function which reduces the noise to the lowest level.Egronomic design is convenient for the operation and maintenance of the machines.

      2. Air exhaust on the top

the optimized air flow designenables the air in the cabinet to flow flow cold to hot in a physically scientific manner, which efficiently decrease the temperature in the cabinet. the cooling air inlet is in from the side panel of the machine body while the hot air is exhausted from the top of the machine. depending on the model version

        3.Unique shock absorbing device

complete and reliable three point machine support is composed by hsock absorbers. the superior shock absorbing system absorbs and isolates the vibrations of the moving parts.

        4. reliable connection

the elastic coupling and automatic centering of the nuits with the motor and the mainframe ensures a logn lasting fixture.

        5. special motor

the motor is high efficient with F insulation class and IP54 protection, firm and durable, ensuring high performance even under difficult environmental conditions. details like the oil nozzle installed at the outside are convenient for the operation and maintenance.

        6.microprocessor control system

the compressor is controlled by customized microcomputer, which enables automatic operation and function control.

by selecting different operation programs like manual on/off, permanent run and automatic run the functionality and operation costs can be opimized.

microprocessor control system has the following functions:

automatic start and stop function;

automatic airflow regulation function;

alarm function of automatic stop protection for over-pressure,over-temperature.

alarm protection function for the block of the oil-gas separator and filter;

it is suitable for online monitoring,remote control and DSC network.

         7.High efficient filtration and separation system

air cleaner of 1ym precision, oil filter of 10 ym precision with large capacity, guarantees the safe long time operation of the machine.

Firstly, the oil vapor is going through the centrifugal separator and then trhough the secondary separation to reducing the oil contenet of the outlet air to less than 3PMM.

by using precision filter, the oil contenet can be further reduced to 0.001PPM.

it is optional to configure the precision filter so that the air quality meets the practrical requireemnt of the application.

          8.excellent cooling system

the heat exchanger and the oil radiator are attached to the after cooler for compact structure and high efficient heat transfer.

quality material and strictly controlled manufacturing techniques ensure that the cooler resist high pressure and corrosion.

A quality fan is attached to ensure higher efficiency and reduce the noise level.

based on the optimized design, the low operation temperature and air supplying temperature of the compressor also prevent the oil circulation system inside from sweating.

Parameter list of screw air compressor

parameter list of air compressor

Generally, the compressed air source of the factory consist of air compressore, air tank, air dryer and air filters.

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