Main offer of Daya Machinery:

  • classical series vane pump injection moulding machine
  • classical variable pump & energy saving injection moulding machine
  • high precision servo motor & energy saving injection moulding machine
  • high speed injection molding machine for thin wall product
  • European style injection molding machine for CE customers
  • PET preform injection molding machineĀ 
  • PVC/PPR injection machine
  • Auxiliary / peripheral machines for injection machine,such as hopper dryer,chiller,crusher,etc
  • Automation robot
  • …. keep updating

Classical series injection molding machines

classical series injection molding machine

Daya series injection molding machine including :

1.Vane pump (fixed pump) injection molding machine

it is also named double proportional machine controlled by the PLC, which is the most simple structure and easy maintenance. it is usually suggest to the customers whose electricity supply very unstable and cheap.

2. Variable pump injection moulding machine

compared to vane pump injection machine, the machine use the variable pump for the various of the displacement of the oil pump in order to save the energy. it can save approx 20%-40% energy compared to vane pump injection machine.but the variable pump has a higher requirement of the clean of the oil circuit and little more expensive cost of maintenance. Of course, since the machine is also with normal motor,it is also suggest to the customers whose electricity supply quite unstable and not expensive.

3. servo motor injection molding machine

the machine is equipped with the servo motor and servo driver controlled by the smart PLC of the machine. it has more precision,faster response and lower noise. Since the motor won’t run while the machine is under cooling action,it can save energy, especially for making some commodity product,such as chair,table,etc. it can save 20%-80% energy compared to vane pump injection machines.

but it has a higher requirement of the electricity supply, if the elecric is not stable and always cut-off suddenly, it will easy damage the servo driver and bring big loose to the customers.

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European style injection molding machine

This European series machines were designed and developed based on european injection machines,it has a higher requirement to the safety standard,which can meet the full CE standard.All the electric parts used on the machine has their own CE certificate, and the machine will have better ground-connecting.and the covers of the machine is also special designed for meeting the requirement of the CE.

right now, the european stype series is from 110ton to 300ton. but we are keep developping. we have already sold this series machines to European countries and South of America, such as, Poland,Serbia,Turkey,etc.

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High Speed Injection Molding Machine

high speed injection machine

DAYA have been in the research and study of high speed injection molding machines for more than 4 years.At the beginning, we promoted the 250ton and 330ton high speed injection molding machines, which are quite well sold in our local Chinese Markets for making the thin wall food packing boxes.

Right now, there are four models available, 160ton,260ton,350ton,430ton high speed injection molding machines. and we are also developping the hybrid high speed injection machines.

Daya high speed injection molding machine is quite suitable for making thin wall products, such as 250ml 350ml 500ml round containers, 500ml 1000ml 1500ml rectangular food boxes, disposable spoon, fork,knife,etc.

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DAYA can also help customers with the plastic auxiliary machines (peripheral equipment) for injection molding machine.

auxiliary machines

such as:

  1. hopper dryer – it is for drying the plastic resin
  2. auto loader – it is for automatic feeding the plastic resin from material bag/tank to the hopper of machine
  3. chiller – it is for providing the cooling water to the mold
  4. crusher/granulator – it is for recycling the material from bad product
  5. mold temperature controller – it is for controlling the temperature of the mold
  6. color dose mixer – it is for automatic adding the color dose to the material
  7. belt conveyor – it is for conveying the final product
  8. robot – it is for picking up the final product
  9. dehumidifier– it is for dehumidify the plastic material
  10. air compressor – air source for your plastic factory
  11. etc.

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