Plastic Injection Molding Machine With Servo Motor

clamping force from 90 ton to 3000 ton.

model list

  • The injection moulding machine use the high-performance servo dynamic control system, the oil pump as power source, having the characteristics as follow: high response, saving energy, low noise, high-control precision, and have the breakthrough in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic drive system.
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine is “the new breakthough” of hydraulic injection molding machine ,which has achieved “pressure close-loop control”,supply and demand of energy matching and lead the future development trend of plastic injection molding machine.Pressure closed-loop control:comparing the actual pressure with the setting pressure and amend until they are the same.
  • This series injection molding machine supply and demand of energy matching: power system should provide the amount of the energy when the inejction molding machine needs in order to avoid much energy loss.
  • High Precision

  • DAYA brand injection moulding machine for stable precision injection molding, we did many special design, so as to ensure the user to get the required precision plastic parts repeartly.

  1. Five-point double toggle diagonal structure, tempalate design by computer optimization
  2. Mechanic,electronic & hydraulic triple interlock safety protection function
  3. sensitive low-pressure mold protection device-eject
  4. multiple stages control for mold opening, clamping pressure.
  5. hydraulic motor-driving gear mold adjustment
  6. sepcial technique treatment, reliable strength
  7. automatic centralized lubrication system
  8. mold open and clamping, ejecting position controller by tranduscer
  9. automatic mold adjustment function
  10. robot interface
  11. core pulling device is suitable for the complicate structure
  • Easy usage

  • compared to common injection molding machine of calculation speed of less than 32MHZ, it is more than 400MHZ with the precision, which are of high request in respons and very function. Easy operation for all users with large color screen and friendly operation interface.
  1. special PLC computer for plastic injection molding machine. control and display relatively independent with high reliablility.
  2. technical parameters pre-setting and storage function
  3. parameters informetion protection function
  4. charging barrel temperature deviation automatic adjustment function
  5. abnormal alarm function
  6. front and rear door emergency stop button
  7. timely monitoring can display the condition of each motion
  8. electrical motor safety protection device
  9. robot interface
  10. material feeding photoelectric switch
  11. system hardware I/Q detection function
  12. charging barrel temperature is controlled accurated by computer setting and PID closed -loop manner
  13. screen protection function,prolong the life of screen using
  14. full-enclosed electrical -controlled box, electrical components are neatly arranged, never interfere with each other
  • Energy saving

  • servo energy -saving injection molding machine. there is no extra energy consumption due to putput olume chages according to the load. the servo motor doesn’t work during the cooling time, and the electric consumption is 0. servo model injection molding maachine can save 20% ~80% energy compared to normal machine.

Popular model of classical injection machine