High speed injection molding machine

(for thin wall injection molding)

high speed injection machine introduction 1

DAYA machinery has developped the high speed injection molding machine, which is special for making thin wall products in packing industry. Such as producing thin wall round container, thin wall rectangular containers, thin wall lid, take-away food packing box , disponsible plastic cultery,etc

Main features of the daya high speed injection molding machine

  • 1.high speed injection moulding machine Clamping Unit
    The new generation toggle mold locking device and computer emulation optimized toggle parameter makes motions of the moving plate fast and steady.
    2.high speed injection moulding machine Hydraulic Unit
    High efficientcy, energy saving and high precise proportional pressure and flow variable displacement pump system makes the hydraulic system output match the required power for entire machine operation without high pressure throttle and overflow energy loss.
    3.high speed injection molding machine Injection Unit
    Short and forceful double-cylinder injection system is used to ensure the stead injection motions. The strain free fixed mold plate and screw assembly with optimized design help to reach better plasticating capacity and effect.
    4.high speed injection molding machine Control Unit
    High performance special control for injection molding machines. Swith of Chinese and English, clear and visual,and easy operation.

high speed injection machine

What can be produced by our high speed injection molding machine?

thin wall product

high speed machine video

Click above picture to link to the high speed injection machine video

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