PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

180ton PET preform injection molding machine

PET plastic injection molding machine series are special designed and manufactured according to PET material moulding technologies, such as the special design of the screw and barrel,precision controller of the heating of the barrel,tie-bar space,nozzl,ejecting system, enlarged motor and oil pump,etc.

DAYA PET preform injection molding machine has been developped and sold to the market for more than 10 years. right now, the most popular model is 188PET, 210PET,298PET,330PET,410PET, 530PET injection capacity ranges from 1000g to 3200g.

it is suitable for running the 16 cavities,24 cavities,32 cavities,48 cavities, 72 cavities preform mold by our PET preform injection molding machine.

Daya pet bottle preform moulding machine has been well sold to different countries, such as Malaysia,Indonesia,Russia,Poland,Crech,Africa,Mexico,Peru,Chile,etc.

With the rich experience, we can also help you with the turn-key project if you are new to the PET preform production.

PET machine series:
According to the material property of PET and the molding requirements of it, our experienced engineering team designed the PET machinespecial for the application. Its mature design satisfies all our customers in PET preform molding production.

PET  preform injection machine basic specifications:
1、 Big diameter screw design and longer L/D ratio for better plasticizing of PET material.
2、 High plasticization capacity.
3、 Extended machine framework, enlarged space between tie bars, mold opening stroke, mold thickness.
4、 enlarged eject stroke and eject force.
5、 Four or above stages precise temperature PID control for barrel.
6、bigger hole of the nozzle for PET material injection.
7、enlarged motor power and oil pump displacement for faster cycle time.
8、machine can be made with vane pump, variable pump, or servo motor.

PET preform injection machine introduction 1

We daya machinery offer the mold trial testing service in our factory. When the customer’s machine was finished, we will arrange a mold trial testing of customer’s mold in his machine in our workshop before shipment. Customer can also come to watch and check the mold trial test running on the spot. If customer can’t come, we will also help take clear photos and videos of the testing then send to customer for checking.

by this way, we can make sure that the customer’s mold can be run by his order machine well before shipment.

Below are some photos of the PET preform mold trial testing in our factory.

PET preform injection machine introduction 2

PET preform injection machine introduction 3