why do people chinese injection molding machine

why do people chinese injection molding machine

why do people like to choose chinese injection molding machine

China injection molding machine has become more and more popular in the world, most of the investors who want to start or enlarge their injection molding business, they are considering to purchase China injection molding machineChina injection molding machine has the further future in world market and China injection molding machine also has the long way to go for the injection molding machine technologies innovation, in near future China injection molding machine will beyond the other European injection molding machine. Let’s see in the following 5 to 10 years.

Compare China injection molding machine to European injection molding machine, the general differences are as follows:

  • China injection molding machines manufacturing has approached a huge scale benefits, because in China, the injection molding machine mechanical components, electronic components and hydraulic components can be found in anywhere and anytime. For example, China injection molding machine mechanical components’ manufacturers’ division are become more and more professional.
  • Some of them supplying toggle parts, some of them only supply the machine frames, some of them offer only clamping plates…and most of them are realizing the quality and professional will be their final living way. Though there a so many mechanical components suppliers in China, China DAYA injection molding machine is manufacturing the mechanical components by ourselves, because we need to do very serious control to the metal quality and dimensions controlling. I think maybe in 3 or 5 years, maybe DAYA will launch most of the mechanical components for sub-contract.
  • This should based on that most of the mechanical components quality mentality has become acceptable or not. While in Europe, injection molding machines manufacturer can not find the professional mechanical components suppliers in China, so they have to do all the pcs completely by themselves, or maybe sub-contracted in China, this caused a big time cost and became their neck limitations. Their heavy production cost can not meet their requirements. To  sum up this point, we can say that Chinese injection molding machines has very good manufacturing chains.
  • China injection molding machine manufacturers has very huge domestic market, due to the machine manufacturing cost differences, 95% of the Chinese injection molding companies are purchasing the injection molding machines locally. For this reason, the European injection molding machine manufacturing industries can not own a large domestic or aboard market, for this reason, the european injection molding machine can not have the scale benefits.
  • China injection molding machine has the labor advantage, currently in some develpped countries, most of the people are keening on the life quality while not so hard working as China, the injection molding machine manufacturing need components QC and assembling, this 2 jobs need a labors to do them. In China injection molding machine company, this kind of professional workers are easy to employ, and they are working hardly.
  • China injection molding machine companies has the number around 600, among this 600 Chinese injection molding machines manufacturer, only 5% of them are qualified, they have the similar quality mentality and same rigorous as European injection molding machine’s company. But the good quality China injection molding machine companies percentage will be bigger and bigger.
  • China injection molding machine everage price is around 10 to 20% as the European injection molding machine.
  • China injection molding machine injection molding speed compare with european injection molding machine, for example, the thinwall injection molding such like 120ml thinwall food container molding, European injection molding machine can approach 3.3 or 3.5 seconds each cycle, while Chinese injection molding machines also can approach the same cycle time. The only difference is that the European machine life can be 12 or 15 years for high speed running, while China injection molding machine maybe have only 6 to 8 years. But 10 to 20% investment can achieved such injection molding machine’s life. I personally think this is available.
  • China injection molding machine are becoming very stable, they will not stop working like 10 years before. This meaning China injection molding machine quality has been greatly improved.
  • China injection molding machine are become more and more precise, some one said that China injection molding machine can not use for very precise injection molding, this is not the true.

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