Plastics have been widely used in agriculture, industry, construction, packaging and other fields. In our daily life, we cannot do without a variety of plastic products. However, with the need for sustainable development of environmental protection, the ban on plastics has gradually been proposed and implemented. At the same time, PLA raw materials began to slowly enter the market and were more and more widely used. What exactly is PLA? What’s the application of PLA material? …… daya machinery would like to share some information today.

What does the sustainability of plastic products mean?

Production using renewable resources: will not damage the balance of the ecological environment, will not lead to the depletion of environmental resources. Green production process: will not cause pollution to the environment. Products produced can be degraded: After the products are discarded, they can be degraded under natural conditions or passed Recycling way to achieve recycling

What’s PLA?

PLA(Polylactic acid), also known as polylactide, is a polyester polymer obtained by polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material. It is a new type of biodegradable material.

Traditional lactic acid fermentation mostly uses starch raw materials. At present, the United States, France, Japan and other countries have developed and used agricultural and sideline products as raw materials to ferment to produce lactic acid, and then produce polylactic acid.

What’s the application of the PLA material?

PLA has good biocompatibility, degradability, and bioabsorbability, and has been applied to medical materials, sanitary products, agriculture, packaging, fast consumables and other fields. Among them, food packaging and disposable tableware are the largest markets for their applications. Due to the low monomer consumption of plastics, it is easy to contaminate, and it is difficult to separate efficiently, which makes biodegradable plastics more likely to become a substitute for traditional plastics in these fields.

How to do injection molding with PLA material?

In keeping with the times, daya machinery has invested lot of experience and research for better injection molding with the PLA material.  For example, PLA injection molding machine for producing disposable spoon & fork & knife with pla material.

Below is some key points of the injection molding technology setting for PLA material.

  • it has certain requirement of the mold, especiall the cooling of the mold must be good
  • must dry the PLA resin before using it
  • before injecting with PLA,  use low vosity PS or PP to clean the barrel of the injection molding machine
  • about more detail information, please kindly contact with our engineers.